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“I’ve invested in many asset classes: stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, tech startups and even options trading. Real estate is my favorite by far. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. Join us on the journey to lasting wealth.”
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554 – Screw It, I'll Rent It Out – Scott Lewis

554 – Screw It, I'll Rent It Out – Scott Lewis

The average military person will move at least ten times during a typical 20-year career. Some military families will move even more depending on the branch they are serving compared to the average civilian. Therefore, a lot of military men discover real estate...

552 – Let's Grow – Rosario Terracciano

552 – Let's Grow – Rosario Terracciano

Transferring from one industry to another is not an easy task. You are faced with uncertainties if you are not properly equipped and not knowing your key skills. Good thing there are mentors that we look up to that helps us in our transition. This week’s guest is...