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David Toupin brings a wealth of investment experience in financially structuring deals, working with institutional banks, and commercial operations. David is the owner of Obsidian Capital Co., which owns over $10M in multifamily and commercial properties, from 12 unit properties to 100 unit properties and retail/office space, and has raised $3M+ in investment capital for real estate projects.

David has a background in consulting and investment banking, coming from reputable firms such as Doeren Mayhew in Troy, MI and Deloitte and Touché.

David enjoys boating, traveling, fishing, snowboarding in the mountains out west, and spending time with friends and family. David also runs a podcast for entrepreneurs and real estate investors called the Heartbeat Podcast, and has created an incredible multifamily deal analyzer in excel that many investment groups use for analyzing multifamily syndication deals.

Topics discussed:

  1. Go Big
  2. Build A Team
  3. Syndication

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