Meet The Cranford’s! Born and raised in Texas and lived there right up until 2015 when they decided to accept an adventure and moved across the world to Shanghai, China for Chris’ corporate job. In Chris’ day job he manages over $2B in annual revenues for a large international hotel company.

After a year of adjusting to their new world and getting the incredible opportunity to travel all over Asia-Pacific, they one day looked at each other and started to worry about the fact that they had not set up a plan for their future. Since that moment, they took action and have not looked back.

They emerged themselves in self-education.

They desired financial freedom and to lead lives of contribution, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

With Chris’ business experience and expertise in budgeting, forecasting, revenue management, P&L management and expense management, coupled with Lauren’s experience in all aspects of commercial real estate, the obvious choice for building long term wealth and financial freedom was investing in real estate.

Topics discussed:

  1. Education
  2. Multifamily
  3. Branding

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