In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • Asses the group operator and not so much in proforma when investing

  • Steps to consider in order to evaulate the operator better

    1. Understand what is your personal investment strategy.
    2. Understand your goals as a passive investor.
    3. What do you look for in a market.
    4. Metrics that will be helpful for a passive investor to look for in a good market.
  • Where are people moving.

  • Where are companies relocating/expanding.

  • Look for a lower tax states.

  • Check landlord/tenant laws in each states.

    1. Study landlord friendly laws and Tax efficient laws
    2. Have a basic gut check with your sponsor
    3. Examine track record/ history record
    4. Do they have the ability to execute the business plan?
    5. Study the credibility of the operator.

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