In this podcast, you will learn :

  • 5 tips to look for in a good property manager.

  • Develop trust and honesty

  • Using humor to establish rapport with the clients.

  • Going above and beyond

  • Define exactly they are looking for.

  • How to find out if when a potential resident want to show themselves in the property or if they want to do a self guided tour.

  • Resident retention, occupancy and hosting events

  • The fortune is in the follow up

  • Follow up on residential side

  • Follow up on prospect side

  • What can an investor can do to work better with a leasing consultant

  • Meet everyone involve in the property and talk about the payment structure.

  • Build friendly competition and talk about incentives and bonuses

  • Find how things are intro related

Listener Questions:

  1. As you promote and host community event, are these events decorated in the welcome center?
  2. What would you like to explain to out of area owners on how to lease up their property? How that process may differ to an A or C asset or lower?
  3. Do you use specific software to track your KPIs?

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