Gary runs a successful meetup group in LA. He is also crushing it in business, he went from closing 1.7M to 15M in the apartment community

In this podcast, you will learn :

  • Building systems and hiring good people will help your business propel to the next level
  • Switching mindset into working with others, will open up a lot of opportunities to focus on other things and to try something new
  • Having a meetup group gives you an opportunity to talk about your passion in real state, help other people and learn from them
  • What is a funnel
  • How to charge for a meetup group
  • Can we charge people in a meetup group and how to get a sponsor for their meet up
  • You don’t need to take small baby steps in starting real estate
  • The raise is not the purchase price

Tactical advice on how to raise millions

  • Know how much you can raise
  • Build a team
  • Stay positive at the money raise, it will take time.
  • Stay focus and stay at your network
  • Follow up
  • Sponsors are your partners, make sure you do what you promise to them

Tips to becoming a syndicator and thought leader
1. Start a Meetup
2. Create podcast, create some blogs. Run with it and stay with it.

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