Craig Curelop from BiggerPockets teaches us how to house hack!

This week Adam interviews Craig Curelop from BiggerPockets HQ about how Craig is doing a creative strategy called House Hacking.

His 1st house hack was a duplex, he also does some AirBnB out of his own side for extra cashflow.

Craig started at BP in april of 2017 with no prior real estate experience, but he was an active member on the site. Craig went indoor skydiving with Brandon Turner, Josh Dorken, and the entire BiggerPockets crew soon after he started.

Linksdiscussed: -> AirBnb Property Management site

Craig Curelop is a real estate and personal finance enthusiast who serves as BiggerPockets’ financial analyst. Craig is also an investor who seeks to hack not only his housing but his lifestyle in general, continually finding creative ways to generate passive income. Craig also operated a short term rental business where he manages his customer’s short term rentals providing them with the highest possible return and the least possible work.

Craig Curelop, who works at BiggerPockets, teaches us how he did his first house hack with almost nothing down and it moving to the second one!

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