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Real estate has created more millionaires than any other industry. What you may not know is that many of those millionaires got started with zero money down. How is that possible? They used some of the many Creative Real Estate strategies we discuss on this podcast.

Great Content and Awesome Host


NTabor in United States

If you are looking for solid advice and relative content then you should add Creative Real Estate Podcast to your play list!

Adam just wants to hook you up


Rubulent in United States

The more that I get to know Adam the more that I want to cheer him on and root for him. All he does is provide value for every one he comes in contact with. It’s an honor to know him on any level and his guest’s info is transformational for your business.

Dynamic Content


JasonY1979 in United States

Adam dives in to great detail valuable content that will help you excel. He cares about others and their success and it shows!.

Amazing Content & Great Guests


Mr Okinawa in United States

I love this podcast! Adam always puts on top talent in the industry. Been listening religiously.

MultiFamily Master


DTLA Agent David in United States

Heard Adam Adams speak live in LA. I got 10 great tips for raising capital.

Always love Adam's Energy


mike12231982 in United States

Love watching Adams podcasts tons of information always genuine and honest was also fortunate enough to meet him as well

Simply amazing!


Uncle G 10X in United States

This is my morning coffee! Simple, fun & informative!

Adam’’s multifamily meetup


Ruchi_AA in United States

I attended 2 of Adam’s multi family talk. I learnt so much. He was very helpful and answered all the questions. It opened up my eyes to a lot!

Incredible value


mfbosslady in United States

As a real estate professional, I listen to a LOT of RE podcasts. Adam always gives incredible, specific value that I value highly as it’s very applicable and sometimes “off the beaten path” of what you’d expect to hear. One of my fav episodes is the one he did on Follow Up with a guest speaker. Keep it up Adam!

446 The Family Office Master! – Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson saw a need in the industry and decided to fill it by bridging that gap between family offices and quality operators. Richard puts on very powerful conferences for family offices and deal operators to come together, network and provide value to one...

445 CPA & Private Lending Through a 401k – Bernard Reisz

Bernard Reisz has done some very creative deals through private lending, as well as for his own holdings. Bernard know's the in's and out's of doing creative and tax effective deals. He's even helped out self directed investors get into deals with as little as $3,000!...

442 Senior Living Investing – Doug Fullaway

Doug Fullaway started in senior living communities about ten years ago! The cool thing about assisted living is not only does Doug provide great returns to his investors, but he also provides something to the community of real value. There’s not many investments...

441 How to Crush It In Linkedin-Ellis Hammond

In this episode, you'll learn: How to accelerate your career as a real estate investor with LinkedIn Growing your network could be one of the greatest assets you have as a real estate investor. What impact growing your LinkedIn network could have in your career How to...

440 He is truly a land geek – Mark Podolsky

Mark Podolsky is THE land geek. This guy started off in 2000 as an unhappy, stressed out investment banker. Through mergers and acquisitions with private equity groups, he was exhausted! He hated it so much that he dreaded Friday because he knew that the weekend would...

437 Wisdom from a securities attorney – Jillian Sidoti

Jillian wasn’t happy with where her current business was going. She was tired of it and decided to get back into law school. However, she KNEW she didn’t want to be a regular lawyer. She knew that their had to be better way. So she started off doing condo...

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